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What we do

Introduction to wheel throwing will include learning to wedge and centre clay, throw basic shapes and vessels, and learning glaze basics.

Cakes & tarts
Ice Cream & Candies
Mousse & Meringue

In Craftis we love and look for perfectly imperfect desserts that combine simplicity of tastes and aesthetics.

Traveling the world of creators, we select a carefully curated collection of beautiful and practical products for your celebrations. Our ambition in this new adventure is for Craftis to become an ambassador for the contemporary creators of New York.

The very first thing any craftsman have to consider is whether they want to earn money or if they just want to create work as a hobby. Baking can very quickly lead to the point where even an amateur will have to reconsider the purpose of their creations.

Selling desserts to the public and offering services from your studio means that it must be accessible to the public. You have to choose an aproppriate place and consider certain state and city laws as well as general safety laws that are important to obey.

Home based businesses are often popular, because it may be a cheaper option and it is possible that you can subtract a part of your home from taxes. Mothers can take care of their own children when they are not in school and combine work with home routine.

 It is a good idea to make a list to identify the needs of the chef. Instead of wasting time, energy, electricity and maintenance, it is possible to convert the extra space to money by renting a part out to a person with a complimenting business.

Cooking and decorating equipment

Dough maker, facilisis at vero eros et accumsan
Cooking machine, aperiam eaque ipsa, quae ab illo
Accessories, magnam aliquam quaerat
Mixer, qui in qui doloremea voluptate velit esse

Some works from
our gallery